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Just 5 WEEKS till the 7th annual Pleasant Ridge+Kennedy Heights ARTS+MUSIC FESTIVAL – ALL DAY & EVENING, on SAT, 10/11/14.  See our Festival Page for MUCH MORE…

Be a Part of It. To double the fun, sign up to volunteer with your friends or family at SIGN UP GENIUS.

Everyone has talent, and everyone’s talent helps build community!

LOOK WHAT’S NEW NOW, our MENU BAR includes the first-ever COMMUNITY BUSINESS DIRECTORY for Kennedy Heights & Pleasant Ridge!  Take a look, tell us what you think & help us make it bigger &  better.


MARK YOUR CALENDAR for SEPTEMBER 27th ~ a day & night neighborhood traditions for everyone to enjoy!

The RIDGE DAY PARADE along Montgomery Road starts at 11:30 AM and leads you to the FESTIVAL in the Parking Lot of Pleasant Ridge Presbyterian Church, from NOON to 4 PM.

From 5:30 to 10 PM, don’t miss the Kennedy Heights PROGRESSIVE DINNER and SILENT AUCTION!  Start out with appetizers & music at Kennedy Heights Arts Center, where you’ll also gets your directions to dinner in a neighbor’s home!  Dessert and the Silent Auction will gather everyone back together at Kennedy Heights Presbyterian Church.  (Suggested donation for the evening, $25 per person.)

RIDGE NIGHT FESTIVAL is 7 to 11 PM in the Parking Lot at Mullaney’s Pharmacy, on the corner of Ridge & Montgomery.

GET ALL the DETAILS, VOLUNTEER to HELP, and MAKE your DINNER RESERVATIONS on the Pleasant Ridge & Kennedy Heights websites.

See you there on Saturday, SEPT 27!


~~~LOOKING AHEAD – City Leaders have met with PRCC & PRDC presidents & pledged to develop together the best way forward for continuing development of the PR Business District – this could be an enhanced version of the City’s current Form-Based Code” process.

Scroll down for more about “Form-Based Code” within Plan Cincinnati and take a look at the approved Urban Design Plan (2000) + Market Study & Vision (2007) for Pleasant Ridge.

~~~LOOKING BACK – We have even more to be thankful for,

THANKS for Creating PLAY in the PARK at KENNEDY PARK ~ clearly the BIGGEST HIT of the Summer.  Cincinnati is still talking about how this grassroots effort came to be and has grown to be such a community success-story!

THANKS for GROWING the ARTS among us.  2013 has brought us these new businesses & venues …        

  • Bi-okoto African Cultural Center is completely repurposing what was once the Mills Fence Co. at 5601 Montgomery, all 27,000 square feet of it.  In addition to dance & music studios, the plan includes a theatre performance space that already has its 200+ seating/riser system thanks to the Jewish Community Center (JCC) in our neighboring community.
  • Edible Ohio Valley Magazine has located its production office on Kennedy Ave just across from the Kennedy Heights Cultural Center.
  • AND, at 6030 Ridge Road (across from Mullaney’s Pharmacy) a transformation is in the works for a tiny shop that’s long been deserted.  The Dandy Haberdashery opened OCT 5th. You’ll have to go inside to discover all that’s there!

THANKS for More Neighborhood Support, as well.  District A has helped the Community Councils & Development Corporations of both Kennedy Heights/Pleasant Ridge to strengthen their relationships with local business investors and property owners.  The monthly Shop Hop Weekend of discounts created in Pleasant Ridge has now grown to include Kennedy Heights businesses, too. 

As ONE Community ~ Kennedy Heights/Pleasant Ridge are growing better together …

Our First-Ever Inter-Neighborhood Conversations exceeded all expectations.  In 2013, the two neighborhood Community Councils & two Business District Development Corporations joined with District A to begin our own Inter-Neighborhood Planning in conjunction with Plan Cincinnati, the City’s new strategic plan.

Click on Inter-Neighborhood Planning in the menu to your left to read our SUMMARY REPORTS and see some of the results from our 150+ participants.  Get in touch with any of us – at any time – and become part of our growing better together!

The complete Plan Cincinnati report is available at www.plancincinnati.org.  You can access key sections of the plan here.

Vision, Goals, Preface & Introduction
The Guiding Policy Principles of Plan Cincinnati
Guiding Geographic Principles, Parts 1 & 2
Guiding Geographic Principles, Parts 3 & 4
LIVE Initiative, Part 1
LIVE Initiative, Part 2
Collaborate and Implementation
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You’ll read that Kennedy Heights and Pleasant Ridge are among 39 neighborhoods with designated “Neighborhood Business Districts” and among the 14 that also have “Urban Design Overlay Districts.” (These are good things.)  With these foundations in place, we’re poised to work with the City to achieve two vibrant “neighborhood centers” along Montgomery Road. Plan Cincinnati defines neighborhood centers as “the building blocks of our neighborhoods . . .  the traditional, walkable cores of our communities that feature not only commercial uses but also contain much of our civic infrastructure and the amenities that we need to go about our daily lives.”

To discover all the planning that each of our neighborhoods has already accomplished, check out these links:

2003 KH Comprehensive Community Plan
2005 KH Feasibility Study/Urban Design Plan
2000 PR Urban Design Plan, Part 1
2000 PR Urban Design Plan, Part 2
2007 PR Market Study & Vision Plan, Part 1
2007 PR Market Study & Vision Plan, Part 2
2007 PR Market Study & Vision Plan, Part 3