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About us

Who We Are

District ‘A’ stands for the ARTS & for ALL of US. 

We’re a citizens’ initiative where arts+community meet throughout Kennedy Heights & Pleasant Ridge in order to drive inter-neighborhood collaboration for a stronger future.

Across these two historic neighborhoods that date back to 1795 along the Montgomery Road corridor in Cincinnati, Ohio, we’re a catalyst for collaborations of all sorts, and especially for sharing and multiplying our arts assets.

Today, these neighborhoods are inclusive and vibrant family communities.  Through the contributions of District A, both Kennedy Heights & Pleasant Ridge Community Councils intend to forge an ever more robust future.

Our Shared Vision

Through arts collaboration, KennedyHeights and Pleasant Ridge Community Councils pledge to define a new sense of community vitality for our regional future:

We will build a sense of ‘community’ beyond jurisdictional boundaries, one that values inclusion and appreciates diversity.

We will catalyze new and sustainable economic development.

We will enhance educational opportunities at all schools and encourage life-long learning through the arts.

We will enable all to seek, identify, develop and express their own artistic abilities, with or without regard to financial gain.  By action of the KH & PR Community Councils, 2007; reaffirmed 2009.

Our Mission

Our mission is community investment.  District A connects all local arts, business and community assets to stimulate and sustain community vitality and economic growth within and beyond our neighborhood boundaries.

District A is not your ordinary arts district.  It’s rooted in all of our local arts assets – that is, in all the arts – from acting, architecture and ballet to ceramic and culinary arts, from dance, drama, fiction, and fashion design to graphic arts and glass blowing, hip hop and horticulture, from improve and industrial design to jazz, jewelry, literature, magic and marionettes, from mime and music, mixed media and multimedia to metalwork, opera and photography, from painting, percussion, poetry and prose to sculpture, theater, welding and woodworking.  The arts make room for everyone and are bringing us together as a stronger community.

Our Citizens Board & Advisors

Lois Conyers, Henry Faulk (Vice President), Loucresha Jones, George Kalomeres, Maria Kreppel (President), Danielle Linn (Secretary), and Sharifah Tafari.

Ernie Barbeau, Eric Bertelsen, David Choate, Lawrence Coleman, Paul DeLuca, Joanne Grueter, Ellen Muse Lindeman, Karen McAffry, and Scott McAffry.

Our Board Meetings, usually on the 4th Thursday of the month, are always open to the public, from 6:30 to 8:00 PM, in the Community Room at the Pleasant Ridge Library, 6233 Montgomery Road. 

Everyone’s welcome!  Please call or email if you’d like to attend or you just have a question, 513-557-3850 or info@district-a.org

We’d love to meet you whenever you’re in District A!