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District A Festival


                                       ARTS+MUSIC FESTIVAL is OCTOBER 11, 2014 

Our 7th Annual ARTS+MUSIC FESTIVAL                                                                      

                 All-Day SATURDAY, from 10 AM to 10 PM,                

                                      At the Corner of Kennedy & Montgomery Road!

(YES, the Party is ALL in ONE PLACE this year, so you can’t get lost!)

(YES, it’s SHOP HOP WEEKEND, so you’ll get SHOP HOP discounts, too!)

                                    (And YES, ARTISTS, we still need YOU…)

                                    CLICK here for our CALL to ARTISTS 

LOT’S will be NEW on 10/11/14, including . . .

A SCULPTURE GARDEN entryway, where only blacktop greets you now.

MUSICIANS on the hour ~ every hour from 10 AM to 10 PM.

ART-in-the-Making ~ for kids & grown-ups, too, starting at 10 AM.

ART SHOW & SALE, featured from Noon – 5 PM.

FOODS ~ from Gomez Salsa, Vegan Cuisine, C’est Cheese, Fireside Pizza.

DRINKS ~ from PR Coffee Exchange in the AM to Chill Shaved Ice later on.

AND A BEER GARDEN from MADTREE & Weideman Breweries!